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Daikin VRV 

Hydronic Systems

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The Hoffman Family of Companies specializes in intelligent and intuitive AC drives for improved energy efficiency. They are in stock in the Greensboro, North Carolina and Columbia, South Carolina warehouses.

Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc. can provide you with the following services for your ABB equipment:

System Start-Up with Extended Warranty

Equipment Integration

Owner Training

Service Agreements

Diagnostic Service Calls

Phone Support


Warranty Work

Harmonic Analysis (IEEE-519-2014 Stds)

Harmonic Solutions For Any Power Related Issue of Input AC Harmonics to Long Motor Lead Length Issues 

ABB System Start-Up, Service Agreements, and Owner Training

Modern building occupants demand a safe and comfortable indoor environment.  Facilities teams need equipment that’s easy to use while also offering the energy efficiency, quality, and reliability that makes their jobs easier. 


ABB variable frequency drives (VFDs) for HVAC systems offer comfort control backed by equipment quality and the energy savings building owners and facilities teams can rely on.


The Hoffman Mechanical Solutions team is prepared to offer building owners and facilities teams a variety of services designed to maximize the capabilities of installed ABB equipment.


Our team of expert technicians is ready to ensure that you experience the best service for your ABB equipment. We work with AC drives, DC drives, inverters, VFDs, bypass units, soft start controls, and more. If you are having trouble with equipment currently under warranty, contact us.​​


Our service area includes North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, eastern Tennessee, and Georgia.

ABB Sytem Start-Up with Extended Warranty

After ABB drive installation, you want a fast and easy startup.  Our experienced technicians conduct your start-up, commissioning, and drive configuration using startup tools to all for a fast and harmonized setup.  Our extended warranty that goes hand-in-hand with the HMS ABB start-up gives you the peace of mind you want moving forward.

Daikin VRV

Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer full-service Daikin Factory Certified support. 

Daikin VRV Factory Certified Support

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The Daikin VRV system allows building owners and facilities teams to maintain individual zone control in each room and floor of a building. The Daikin Advantage includes energy-saving operation, adaptable design for a variety of applications, individual climate control zone settings, and flexible layouts.


Hoffman Mechanical Solutions is proud to offer full-service Daikin Factory Certified support. Each of our experienced VRV technicians is Daikin VRV factory trained and offers expert-level proficiency regarding the operation and maintenance of your equipment.


Our team of technicians offers a variety of services to help you achieve maximum efficiency and reliability for your Daikin VRV system.


  • System Start-up: Our factory-trained technicians understand the VRV system components, will inspect your installation, and then perform the necessary steps to complete your factory VRV system start-up.

  • Owner Training: Your facilities and maintenance teams will be living with your new VRV system and need to understand how your Daikin VRV equipment works. Our expert VRV technicians can travel to your facility to ensure that your team is trained on equipment use and maintenance.  Your on-site team will learn more about zone control in addition to recommended maintenance and parts replacement schedules.

  • Service Agreements: HMS offers preventative maintenance agreements based on Daikin VRV-recommended service and parts replacement schedules to prevent unplanned downtime.

  • Repairs: Our experienced team offers diagnostic repair services should you run into unexpected equipment problems that require repair.

  • Commissioning Services: Our VRV factory-trained technicians perform a series of checks to ensure that the system is ready prior to continuing with the appropriate VRV commissioning procedures. Only a VRV-trained technician can perform Daikin VRV commissioning.

  • Diagnostic Service Calls: An expert HMS technician can visit your site to review your equipment and system to explore why your system isn’t running properly. The technician will recommend service based on their overview of your equipment.

  • Phone Support: Our HVAC technicians can connect with your facility teams virtually as they work through a problem on-site. Our phone support techs can answer questions, suggest solutions, and assist your on-site team.

  • Warranty Work: Our technicians can perform warranty work to remedy, correct or rectify any equipment deficiencies noted within the original equipment warranty period.


Cooling Tower Assessments,
Maintenance, Replacements and Repairs

Cooling towers can be an extremely beneficial and relatively inexpensive way to rid industrial processes of heat, including HVAC system heat, food processing plants, oil refineries, power plants and more. These towers use evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature of circulated water. Cooling towers must be strictly maintained and serviced to remove scale deposits, keep water clean, and protect your equipment. 


Evapco’s Mr. GoodTower program is a comprehensive parts and service program for all brands of existing evaporative cooling equipment. Hoffman Mechanical Solutions is an Evapco Factory Authorized Mr. Goodtower Service Center that provides the following services:


  • Maintenance, service and replacement parts: A cooling tower is often only as good as the system it runs in. Our technicians and engineers can review your complete system and make recommendations on OEM-recommended maintenance and parts replacement schedules. Keeping your cooling tower properly maintained and serviced can not only extend the life of the cooling tower itself, but it can also improve system performance overall and reduce unexpected repairs and, potentially, eliminate unplanned downtime.

  • Training programs: Let our technicians train your facilities and maintenance teams to effectively perform regular maintenance for your cooling towers to keep your system running efficiently.

  • Unit inspections: We offer free cooling tower inspections on every brand of cooling tower. Schedule your cooling tower inspection with us today.

  • Equipment upgrades and replacement units: Connect with us when it’s time to either replace your unit or upgrade your equipment dependent on process needs.  Our team can objectively assess your application needs and make recommendations based on your current system and equipment.


To ensure your cooling tower’s optimum performance and trouble-free operation, our Mr. Goodtower program offers a free cooling tower inspection. This inspection, combined with regular service and maintenance, will ensure your equipment’s peak efficiency and long service life.

Recommended Annual Maintenance Checklist

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Check pan strainer for cleanliness

Check water basin for cleanliness

Check bleed-off valve

Check motors & lubricate bearings per manufacturer’s instructions

Check water make-up float valve and ball

Check water distribution system and sprays

Check fan belts for wear and tension

Check fan screens for debris

Check fans & lubricate bearings per manufacturer’s instructions

Check drift eliminators for proper position

Inspect protective finish

Check water quality

Find a recommended water treatment program

Hydronic Systems

Hydronic Equipment Service: Repairs and Maintenance

Commercial hydronic systems usually include pumps, boilers, chillers, piping, control valves and more. The water in these hydronic systems transports energy from one area to another. With proper maintenance, some hydronic equipment can last up to 20 years or more before needing to be replaced. 


Hoffman Mechanical Solutions has comprehensive service experience on a variety of equipment.

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Connect with us if your boiler is malfunctioning or if you have complete equipment failure.  Our expert technicians can assist you with both condensing and non-condensing boilers to get your equipment back to optimal performance as fast as possible.


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Regular maintenance for pumps is critical.  HMS techs can perform an on-site inspection of your pumps to help identify critical corrective or preventive maintenance to prevent or correct serious problems.


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Many applications with chillers generate enormous heat loads which must be removed quickly to prevent damage to other equipment or defects in finished products. Our team can help you with service agreements, equipment repair, or on-site inspections to determine where you might encounter problems.  Unplanned chiller downtime is expensive, inconvenient, and can be unnecessary with appropriate preventative maintenance.


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