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Ongoing training for our technicians along with our customers is critically important to us. We offer owner training as a part of our Mr. Goodtower Factory Authorized Service Center.


Mr. Goodtower training includes detailed information about the following topics:

  • Ongoing cooling tower maintenance: Our team will share the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) recommended service and parts replacement schedules with your facilities team. Additionally, they will share the recommended annual maintenance checklist along with detailed instructions on how to perform each item on the list such as checking the water basin for cleanliness, inspecting the protective finish, checking fan belts for wear, and more.

  • Unit inspection: Our technicians will go over your cooling tower step-by-step with your facilities team to show them what to look for to ensure that the unit is properly maintained and how to visibly inspect for signs of potential problems.

  • Other: If your team has specific needs relating to their evaporative cooling units, please let us know and we can create the appropriate training to meet your application.

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