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Why choose Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc.?

Our first class service, highly trained technicians and outstanding customer service should make us your first choice for aftermarket service.  Our dedication to aftermarket service is reflected by our 24/7 emergency repair service availability.  Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc. is  fully committed to prompt response and problem resolution for a variety of products and manufacturers. We also provide flexible service contracts and assistance to meet the needs of our customers.  If your facilities are currently closed or operating with a skeleton crew, our team is equipped and ready to come in to provide system maintenance or perform other services difficult to achieve when your business is at full occupant capacity.  Please contact us to schedule service.


Customer satisfaction is Hoffman Mechanical Solutions Inc.’s top priority.


Hoffman Mechanical Solutions Inc.’s staff consists of the region’s most experienced technicians.


We strive to provide top-notch customer service with every encounter.


Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc. provides continuing education for all our technicians.  We are proud to have the region’s most experienced technicians.


Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc. takes safety very seriously.  All of our technicians receive OSHA required training as well as additional safety training, as needed for specific assignments.


Hoffman Mechanical Solutions  employs experienced technicians who can deliver positive results under difficult circumstances.   Their HVAC Service Technicians have varied backgrounds and are capable of working on a wide range of equipment and systems. This diverse skill set has been a great advantage to the university. Based on the quality of work and level of professionalism I have experienced, I hereby recommend Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc. for any level of HVAC service work.

Scott C.,
Utility Plant Supervisor

I have always experienced a level of service that is second to none. The pool of technicians they [Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc.] employ leaves me with a high level of confidence that my equipment and facility will be given the best care and maintenance possible.

Donny W.,
Facilities Manager

Our experience has shown [Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc.]  to have talented, highly capable employees and an overall customer service oriented culture.

Bruce J.,
Energy Plant Supervisor

[Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc.]  has committed to providing excellent service including preventive maintenance and repair.  They have exceeded my expectations.  Not only do they provide quick response to service calls but they also take time to research and diagnose problems affecting performance of our chillers, not covered in the service agreement, at no additional charge.

Bradley G.,
Director of Plant Operations Maintenance
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