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We maintain multiple state-of-the-art training centers where product and technical seminars are held. Seminars include continuing education classes for professional engineers, as well as in-house training and technical seminars for contractors, engineers, and owners.

Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) systems are specialized and, as such, they command special training considerations. Thus, Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc. has invested in variable refrigerant training labs and has become the regional Daikin Advanced Service Training Center for hands-on training of contractors for Daikin VRV products.

This training consists of a series of three classes, designed to be taken in order. Certifications are available from Daikin North America at the completion of classes.  Each participant must have an active free Daikin City account to download certificates. At the conclusion of these classes, qualified registered technicians will be able to purchase the Daikin Service Checker. 


All training is led by an in-house Hoffman instructor who has obtained Daikin Certified Instructor status. Training is held in the following three locations each of which has fully functional equipment to allow proper training and product education:

  • Greensboro, NC

  • Columbia, SC

  • Chesapeake, VA

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