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Maintenance Agreements


Retrofit/Design Build


Maintenance Agreements

Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc. is fully dedicated to aftermarket service as reflected by our 24/7 emergency repair service availability. We are fully committed to prompt response and problem resolution for a wide range of products. We also provide flexible service contracts and assistance to meet the needs of our customers. We have comprehensive service experience on all types of equipment including large chillers and centralized chilled water plants.

System Start-Up

Owner Training

Service Agreements


Diagnostic Service Calls

Phone Support

Warranty Work

Additionally, we offer factory start-up services for  ABB, Daikin, and Evapco.

For 24-hour emergency service, call 855-761-HVAC (4822). For non-critical service requests, contact your local branch office.

For DDC Service, Hoffman Building Technologies, Inc. has a service group focused on supporting our customer’s facilities with 24/7 emergency repair service availability, call 877-428-7278.

Maitenance Agreements


With a full staff of technicians who specialize in identifying and locating parts from ANY manufacturer, Hoffman Mechanical Solutions is the company you can trust. Our team of experts will ensure you’re back up and running quickly by choosing the right part for your system.

A large inventory of replacement parts for the equipment we sell is stocked by our sister company, Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc., which is committed to aftermarket support. They have three warehouses fully stocked with parts and accessories, and they can order directly from their manufacturers.


Hoffman & Hoffman specializes in Daikin Applied (formerly McQuay) replacement parts for chillers, condensing units, WSHP units, air handlers, and all other Daikin equipment.


In addition, Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc. specializes in Evapco, Greenheck, Peerless Pump, Price Industries, and Ruskin products. They maintain a 60,000 square foot stocking warehouse in Greensboro, NC, which also features a parts showroom. This Greensboro warehouse, along with stocking facilities in Columbia, SC, and Knoxville, TN, allows them to provide products on a one-day delivery to all locations in the Carolinas and Virginia and no more than two-day delivery in Tennessee.

Inventories Include: 


Acid test kits, thread loc, coil cleaners, touch up paints, refrigeration oils, chiller oil

Drive Components

Motors, bearings, belts, pulleys and sheaves, bushings, bearing protection rings


Capacitors, phase voltage monitors, contactors, fuses, transformers


Semi-hermetic, hermetic, rotary & scroll, tandem assy’s


Filter driers, strainers, sight glasses, fittings and valves


Refrigeration gauges, pumps, hand tools. Lennox tool line, Bacharach products, vacuum pumps, monitors, combustion analyzers, leak detectors


Parts list, wiring diagrams, operation manuals, installation manuals, nomenclature information


Retrofit/Design Build

We specialize in upgrading and replacing outdated parts or equipment in older structures to help prevent downtime in your facility and increase energy efficiency.


Building owners often face challenges when replacing mechanical equipment due to the existing mechanical room footprint or system constraints. Our experienced team offers a free assessment of the complete current HVAC system and equipment before recommending the appropriate replacement parts or accessories. We have professional engineers on staff who can analyze and assess both your current system and any potential improvements. 

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We can also provide preventative maintenance to help increase the longevity of your current equipment and to help ensure that your older systems run smoothly until the time comes to replace them. We follow recommended OEM maintenance schedules for all preventative maintenance. As our technicians are on-site, they can regularly inspect your equipment to be sure that each piece of HVAC equipment is running effectively and is in good condition. Regular recommended maintenance based on OEM guidelines is the best way to help prevent costly downtime. 


The retrofit services we offer can help increase the efficiency of your facility and potentially prevent or reduce HVAC equipment downtime, allowing you to save money while providing maximum occupant comfort for increased productivity and job satisfaction. 

Retrofit/Design Build
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