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Happy Businessman


BE a positive force

CARE about others

DO the right thing

GROW personally and professionally

EARN success

Hoffman Mechanical Solutions employs some of the most talented technicians, engineers, salespeople, service dispatchers, and other professionals in the HVAC industry. Our practiced core values are one of the biggest reasons why people join our team and why many of them stay for decades.   


What are the Core Values? 


We have a series of stated core values that apply to everyone in the Hoffman family of companies. We believe in, practice, and celebrate these core values in every corner of our business. We work to hire and retain people who embody these values. 


Do the Right Thing: Be fair, honest, humble and trustworthy. Treat customers, co-workers, and manufacturers the way you want to be treated. Lead by example. 


Care About Others: Honor and respect co-workers, customers, and manufacturers. Mentor colleagues. Listen. Lift people up; don’t tear people down. 


Be a Positive Force: Teach and learn; don’t blame. Keep things fun. Believe that there is always a way to get things done.  Have an open mind. Discuss and discover why others think a different solution could work. Believe that change is an opportunity. 


Strive for Personal and Professional Growth: Hire smart people. Learn why smart people with different opinions think what they do and learn from them. Do more than what is required. Own, document, and learn from your mistakes. Learn from others’ mistakes. Be curious. Ask why. Speak up. Ask, “How can I make our company/community/family better?” 


Motivate for Success With a Passion To Get Things Done: Drive results with a sense of urgency. Self-start and be accountable.   


Our employee-owners shape our future. We are passionate about our core values and believe that they make us one of the best companies in the country to work for and with.   

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