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Our Mission

Our mission here at Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (HMS) has always been to provide our customers with the best possible service and technical people that exceeds their expectations.


HMS was formally started in 2013 as a division of Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc. and became incorporated in 2016. We merged our Mr. GoodTower, Daikin VRV, and ABB service groups into one focused service group. We added several of the region’s most experienced technicians to boost our centrifugal and screw chiller capabilities. Furthermore, our highly trained technicians also work on conventional mechanical equipment, such as packaged rooftop units, pumps, boilers, etc. Today, our technicians can repair virtually every type of mechanical equipment available.

Our Customers

Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc. is fully dedicated to aftermarket service as reflected by our 24/7 emergency repair service availability. As a full-service provider, we are fully committed to quick response and problem resolution for a variety of products and manufacturers. We are also capable of providing flexible service contracts and repairs to meet the needs of our customers.

We are dedicated to prompt response and problem resolution for a variety of products and manufacturers. Additionally, we offer flexible service contracts and assistance to meet the needs of our customers.  We are proud of our first-class service, highly trained technicians, and outstanding customer service. Whether your business is closed or operating with a skeleton crew, our team can perform system maintenance or other services difficult or impossible to accomplish when you are operating 

with a full occupant capacity. 


Our Culture

As a growing company, Hoffman Mechanical Solutions recognizes that its employees are its most important asset. Our company invests in its employees, from formal coaching to on-the-job training, and views their success as our own, offering them a wide range of career advancement opportunities. Our staff is valued and we offer them a truly exceptional career experience. Our vision is to create a positive workplace where work contributes to a better life and life contributes to a better work-life. We live our core values every day to cultivate a positive work environment.   


Our Commitment to Safety

HMS takes safety very seriously. All of our technicians receive OSHA-required training as well as additional safety training, as needed for specific assignments.

Each technician possesses all personal protective equipment as required for work tasks and this equipment is inspected before each use and monthly. Damaged or expired equipment is immediately replaced.

Training is provided in multiple formats including online, daily/weekly/monthly in-person toolbox talks, and classes taught by outside safety professionals, as well as by our in-house OSHA 30 Certified Trainer. Training records are maintained and are available as needed per customer requests.

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