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Harmonizing ABB Efficiency: Partnering with Hoffman Mechanical Solutions

Today's fast-paced industrial landscape demands energy-efficient and reliable equipment. Our dedication to excellence and our team of highly skilled professionals have made Hoffman Mechanical Solutions (HMS) the go-to choice for businesses seeking ABB equipment services. Our services ensure optimal performance of ABB variable-frequency drives (VFDs) while minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency, from system start-up to harmonic solutions.

System Start-Up with Extended Warranty

Any equipment's long-term performance and reliability depend on a well-executed start-up. We offer comprehensive and professional start-up services for ABB equipment at HMS. Our experts make sure each component is installed correctly and calibrated for maximum performance. Additionally, we provide our clients with extended warranties for added peace of mind.

Equipment Integration

ABB equipment is often integrated into larger industrial systems. We specialize in the seamless integration of ABB VFD drives with other components. Our team understands how critical it is for industrial operations to be able to always control their drive systems.

Owner Training

Providing clients with knowledge is a core principle of ours, so we offer comprehensive owner-training programs. These programs help customers understand their ABB equipment, maintenance requirements, and operational best practices. An owner with good training can significantly contribute to the equipment's longevity and smooth operation. The owner-training program we offer ensures our customers know how to use their equipment so they can make the most of their investment.

Service Agreements

Our flexible service agreements cater to our customer's diverse needs. The agreements can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, whether they are for regular maintenance, emergency support, or a combination of both. Service agreements ensure prompt attention and support should your systems malfunction.

Diagnostic Service Calls

Downtime due to ABB equipment issues can be costly and disrupt operations. Diagnostic service calls allow us to identify and address problems quickly. To minimize downtime and maximize productivity, our skilled technicians use the latest tools and techniques to diagnose issues accurately.

Harmonic Analysis and Solutions

Power system harmonics can negatively impact equipment efficiency and performance. As part of our harmonic analysis services, we use IEEE-519-2014 standards to identify potential harmonic-related issues. Our harmonic solutions also address issues related to long motor leads, such as mitigating input AC harmonics.

With HMS, you can maximize productivity, minimize downtime, and unleash the full potential of your ABB equipment. We have the expertise and dedication to ensure the success of your ABB equipment.

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