Mr. GoodTower

Mr. GoodTower

Evapco’s Mr. GoodTower® program is a comprehensive parts and service program for all brands of existing evaporative cooling equipment. Maintenance, training programs, unit inspections, service, equipment upgrades, replacement parts and replacement units are all services provided by your local Mr. GoodTower®.

Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc. is an Evapco Factory Authorized Mr. GoodTower® Service Center. To contact Mr. GoodTower® please call Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc.  at 855.761.4822 (HVAC). For cooling tower parts call 1-800-332-2295.

To ensure your equipment’s optimum performance and trouble-free operation, Evapco offers a FREE Unit Inspection. Regardless of the equipment manufacturer, Evapco’s representative will perform a FREE Unit Inspection as outlined in the checklist below. This inspection, combined with regular service and maintenance will ensure your equipment’s peak efficiency and long service life.

Contact Hoffman Mechanical Solutions, Inc. (Mr. Goodtower®) at 855.761.4822 (HVAC) to schedule your FREE Unit Inspection today!

Recommended Annual Maintenance Checklist:

  • Check pan strainer for cleanliness
  • Check water basin for cleanliness
  • Check bleed-off valve
  • Check motors and lubricate bearings per manufacturer’s instructions
  • Check water make-up float valve and ball
  • Check water distribution system and sprays
  • Check fan belts for wear and tension
  • Check fan screens for debris
  • Check fans and lubricate bearings per manufacturer’s instructions
  • Check drift eliminators for proper position
  • Inspect protective finish
  • Check water quality
  • Contact a water treatment company for a recommended water treatment program

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